Social Inclusion through Physical Activity and Sport (IncluPAS)

The programme aims at the inclusion of 250 youth between 14-18 from underprivileged neighbourhoods of the city through integration into physical activity and sports opportunities. Thessaloniki is part of a European partnership consisting of Ghent and Vilnius. The programme will be implemented through the usage of an app specifically developed for this purpose to support networking among target youth with specific focus on the refugee community.

The action is implemented through a partnership between MDAT, the Municipality of Ghent (Belgium), VIDC Institute (Austria), LUNEX University (Luxembourg), HOWEST University (Belgium) and the public bodies MySueno (Belgium) and  Sveikas Miestas (Lithuania). The pilot measures of the programme will be implemented in Thessaloniki from February 2022 to September 2022.

The programme is funded through the E.U. programme ERASMUS + Sports 2021-2023.