The Major Development Agency Thessaloniki S.A.  A Local Government Organization (former Metropolitan Development Agency Thessaloniki, S.A.)- is a Development Limited Special Purpose Company, the Organizations of the Local Government of the wider metropolitan urban area of  Thessaloniki and particularly the Municipalities : Thessaloniki Kalamarias, Pavlos Melas, Ampelokipon – Menemenis, Kordeliou- Evosmou, Neapolis – Sykeon, Delta, Oreokastrou, Thermis, Chalkidonos, Pylaias-Hortiati which operates on the basis of Law 3852/2010 “New Architecture of Local Government and Decentralized Administration -” Code of Municipalities and Communities “, of Law 4674/2020” Strategic development perspective of Local Government Organizations, regulation of issues within the competence of the Ministry of Interior and other provisions “, in combination with the provisions of Mr. 2190/1920 and Law 4548/2018 as in force.

The Company operates as a DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION with the aim of providing Technical support and Management support to its local government shareholders for Development Planning & the preparation, maturation and promotion in financial means of Municipal projects and projects with significant inter- and inter-municipal implementation and supervision of Inter-Municipal projects and cooperation plans as well as projects and projects of Supra-municipal scale, in collaboration with other Development Bodies of the Local Government and the Public and Social Sector.

Based on the above, it is a TECHNICAL & MANAGEMENT SUPPORT MECHANISM of the local authorities and social partners of the wider public sector and the area of ​​civil society within the context of a coherent “STRATEGIC SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT OF THE MAJOR INTEGRATED SPATIAL INVESTMENT OF URBAN METROPOLITAN THESSALONIKI”

MDAT S.A. promotes the development planning in the framework of EU financial mechanisms. in Greece as well as other National, European and International financial – lending or donation instruments.

Based on the above, the Company aims at the design and implementation of business planning and development projects, as a development mechanism of public interest of the bodies of the urban metropolitan Municipality of Thessaloniki for the production and dissemination of design and methodological tools at the local and supra-local planning level covering all the areas in which the Local Government directly or indirectly exercises policy and intervenes during the exercise of its development planning and project implementation.