The company

Major Development Agency Thessaloniki (MDAT) is a development agency of the local government organizations covering the greater metropolitan urban district of Thessaloniki and other institutions of the wider public sector and city organizations.

Technical Support for Local Authorities & Entities

Major Development Agency Thessaloniki, possesses the know-how, the necessary staff and certifications, having the possibility to provide any technical support and consultancy services to organizations, the Municipalities and the Regional Authorities.

Who We Are

Major Development Agency Thessaloniki (MDAT S.A.) is a development organization for the local development of the following Municipalities: Thessaloniki, Kalamaria, Pavlos Melas, Neapolis-Sykies, Kordelio-Evosmos, Pilea-Chortiatis, Ampelokipon-Menemeni, Delta, Oreokastro, Thermi, Chalkidona,

covering the greater metropolitan urban district of Thessaloniki as well as the city organizations

  • NOESIS Thessaloniki Science Park & Technology Museum
  • CERTH (Centre for Research & Technology Hellas)

Social Resilience and Inclusion

Management and Implementation Of Sustainable Development


SMART RURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONSORTIUM: Regional Development Agency of Western Macedonia S.A., Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Economics, Bulgaria Economic Forum, Center for Development of...
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Funding Organisations