General Strategy 2018-2021


General Strategy 2018-2021

In 2020, the general strategic guidelines were derived mainly from two sources: the identification of gaps was undertaken through coordinated actions for vulnerable groups, such as the URBAN working group and the Integrated Action Plan for the integration of immigrants and refugees of the Municipality of Thessaloniki covering the greater urban area. In this context, the Social Inclusion & Social Services Department manages 11 projects with a total budget of approximately 2,000,000 EURO.

The Department has been cooperating closely with the Municipality of Thessaloniki since 2019 in the implementation of the action plan. It also actively participates in the process of strategic planning of the Municipality for the fight against homelessness, housing exclusion and generating affordable housing.

The strategic priorities for 2021, are the further operation of the aforementioned strategies and the additional support to all municipalities involved in the provision of social services. The main target groups will be those who are outside the safety net of services or may not have full access to services and those at greatest risk, such as homeless people, people at high risk of homelessness, people in shelters, unaccompanied minors, persons in unemployment or having a housing precarity etc. All preparatory programs carried out in 2020 e.g. the creation of a housing stock and the creation of social inclusion campaigns will move into the implementation phase.

For more details please see the Profile 2021 of the Department