Hellenic Integration Support for Beneficiaries of International Protection (HELIOS)

The HELIOS project aims at promoting the integration of beneficiaries of international protection currently residing in temporary accommodation schemes into the Greek society. MDAT among other partners is responsible for the education component in collaboration with YMCA Thessaloniki and the School of Modern Greek Language of the Aristotle University.

The Integration Learning Center (ILC), linked services and classrooms are located in the premises of YMCA as well as a specific Recreational Space for Children providing activities for children of beneficiaries as well as space where services for access to accommodation and employability. 

The educational services consist of a cycle of 6 months and includes Greek language, cultural orientation, facilitation for access to labour as well as other skills. Accommodation services provide support to beneficiaries for independent living in apartments through provision of rent subsidies, cost of moving as well as linking beneficiaries to landlords. In parallel support in reaching out to potential employers and job readiness, including recognition of certificates, through counselling are among the services provided by HELIOS at the ILC.

The HELIOS programme is funded by the Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission (DG HOME),  and managed by the International Organisation for Migration in collaboration with the Ministry for Migration Policies.