School Plus Tech & BEYOND

Regarding the Project “School Plus Tech & BEYOND” it is mentioned that:

The Major Development Agency of Thessaloniki (MDAT S.A.), organization for Local Development in cooperation with the Non-Profit Organization “SolidarityNow” (SN) is carrying out the project “School Plus Tech & BEYOND” . The relevant information about the project:

Funding: (100%) from the International Organization Open Foundation Society Institute, Open Society Foundation financing

Project leader: MDAT S.A.  (Contract number: OR2020-82258)

Objectives & Description of the “SchoolPLUSTech and BEYOND” Project:

Utilizing the experience from 2020, through the ongoing cooperation between MDAT S.A. and the Non-Profit Organization SN, the first part of the above Project is based on the Project being implemented, entitled “School PLUS Neighborhood”, the purpose of which was the recruitment, training and mobilization of volunteers to offer educational and psychosocial activities in selected schools in the city. As a follow-up to the above, the aim of this component is to transfer SN’s know-how on the provision of non-formal education services through volunteers: The “School PLUS TECH & BEYOND” Program will continue its activities, strengthening the capacity of the group of volunteers providing non-formal education and psychosocial activities in the schools of Thessaloniki.

The second component of the project is the continuation of the existing project called “Tech-it”. The provision of IT courses will continue, the main service of the Tech-IT project will continue, with the employment of an IT teacher who will offer courses on computer-related skills to teenagers and young people (16-25 years old).

The third component of the project includes training and employment counseling: This last part will build on SN’s existing experience in providing employment counseling services, with the addition of training guidance and counseling.

Duration: Starting January 1st, 2022 to December 31, 2023