The TECH_it Project






About the TECH-it Project:

The Major Development Agency Thessaloniki (MDAT), Organization for Local Development in collaboration with the Non-Profit Organization “SolidarityNow” (SN) is carrying out the project “Tech-it”

Relevant information about the project:

Funding: (100%) from the International Organization Open Foundation Society Institute ”, Open Society Foundation of a total of 50,845.00 € Head of project: MDAT S.A. (Grant Agreement: OR2020-75394)

Duration: From March 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022

The field of informatics and computer science is a field that young people from different backgrounds are interested in and at the same time it provides various job opportunities. In addition, it is an area where teleworking is often preferred, allowing employees to work for companies around the world from home.

Objectives of the “Tech-IT” project

Based on this knowledge and experience, MDAT, in collaboration with Solidarity NOW (SN) will implement this project which aims to strengthen the IT skills of 155 young people (aged 16 to 25) in urban Thessaloniki, to help integrate them and support them to enter the labor market.

More specifically, the project actions include the following three objectives:

Objective 1 Provide a holistic IT education package for young people
Objective 2 Provision of a series of supplementary training seminars
Objective 3 Provision of educational services directly for vulnerable children and young people in two schools in Thessaloniki.

Project Description

This project faces a double challenge and supports young people in being socially included, while also facilitating them in acquiring the necessary skills to enable them to enter the labor market. Tech-IT is being implemented over a period of 16 months and takes place in a fully equipped space in the center of Thessaloniki managed by SN, Lab29A.

Through Tech-IT, SN is providing a holistic package of IT courses and seminars that have been identified as interested in eligible targets, as well as skills that are lacking in the job market, responding effectively to the two-way challenge. In addition, the bringing together of different groups of people to achieve a common goal is an effective way to overcome obstacles, thus enhancing intercultural understanding and acceptance.

Specifically, Tech-IT courses (which is conducted in English and Greek, as needed) can be divided into three different topics:

  1. a) Website design and digital content creation
  2. b) Basic material elements
  3. c) IT for communication skills

Also, in the second part of the program, additional financial support is given to the action that is currently being implemented through a separate financing agreement of OSF with MDAT in collaboration with SN entitled “School Plus Neighborhood”. With this extra support are able to complete the school year and continue the activities until April 2022. This collaboration helps to improve students’ opportunities and supports them to thrive.”