EMBRACIN Project-(EU – AMIF) Enhancing Migrants’ Bottom-up, Responsive and Citizen-led Integration in Europe

EMBRACIN – Enhancing Migrants’ Bottom-up, Responsive and Citizen-led Integration in Europe
Funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Union

Embracin Project Overview

The idea of the EMBRACIN project derives from the significant experience of Prof. Calò and his family. Based on their personal practice, as hosts of migrants, they developed a scheme called “6+6×6” which in 2018 was awarded by the Italian President of the Republic and by the European Parliament.

When – in the afternoon of April 19, 2015 – Antonio Silvio Calò heard about the latest migration tragedy in the Mediterranean, he decided with his wife Nicoletta to take matters into their own hands, so they decided to open their home to six young migrants. The family did not just host the refugees, but also provided them with the necessary skills to navigate life in Italian society. Since then, their project has been unfolding and has become a good practice. The “6+6×6” scheme as it was named by the protagonist, foresees integration policies of migrants avoiding big hosting centers. More specifically the Calo’s experience suggest a holistic approach to reception and integration of third country nationals in Europe, over the span of over two years, at the end of which, all 6 newcomers have a job and are integrated in the local community.

The project EMBRACIN- Enhancing Migrants’ Bottom-up, Responsive and Citizen-led Integration in Europe- with a view to understanding, adapting and re-using the Calos’ experience, developed a network of cities interested in exchange, adapt and reuse (transfer) the award winning “6+6×6 Scheme” implemented at local level, scaling up the successful practice and testing its transferability in different EU Countries Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden ) and to adopt it as “structured model” for migrant inclusion and integration, by verifying its cost – effectiveness and its efficacy in terms of benefits for the migrants themselves and for the hosting communities.

Partners include: Italy (LP and Alterevo), Sweden (Sala), Slovenia (Hoce-Slevinca), Cyprus (Egkomi
and CSI-WP communication leader), Spain (FAMSI, based in Sevilla) and Greece (Major Development Agency Thessaloniki, Organization for Local Development).

The EMBRACIN project aims to develop and test a model of integration which can be valid for all European Countries, starting from the assumptions of 6+6×6. The partners coming from different countries across Europe (Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden), will raise awareness and capacity building on integration policies topics among European local authorities, in particular Municipalities, with the final aim to increase the number of municipalities which will sign the Memorandum of understanding to promote and engage the specific model.

Embracin Project website: https://embracin.eu/


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